1 season • TV-MA • Documentary, Fashion

American Apparel was initially celebrated for its provocative advertising and message of social change. Then the unpredictability of its founder imploded the iconic company. This is the story of the brand -- good, bad, and ugly -- as told by the people who lived it.

Cast & Crew

  • Connie Wang


  • Jim Edwards


  • Jon Ronson


  • Lauren Sherman


  • Episodes

  • Ep. 1 of 9

    Meet Dov

    American Apparel embodied a cultural moment in the 2000s. Until its enigmatic founder became a liability.

  • Ep. 2 of 9

    Made in USA

    Those closest to Dov Charney give insight into the man behind the iconic brand.

  • Ep. 3 of 9

    F*ck Work-Life Balance

    Former American Apparel employees discuss the unconventional ways Dov would motivate his young employees.