1 season • TV-MA • Documentary, Performance

The stage awaits. Sasha Velour and her cast members are preparing for the biggest drag showcase of their lives. Expect heart, humor, and a hell of a lot of glamour. All episodes streaming now.

Cast & Crew

  • Sasha Velour


  • Johnny Velour


  • Sasha Colby


  • Vander Von Odd


  • Neon Calypso


  • K.James


  • Miss Malice


  • Untitled Queen


  • Episodes

  • Ep. 1 of 8

    Welcome to NightGowns

    Sasha Velour, it’s time to take the stage. See each individual universe of her vision take shape, starting with one on the edge.

  • Ep. 2 of 8

    The Ensemble

    It’s their moment. Their expression. Their liberation. The cast comes together to celebrate the diversity of drag. And nothing can stop them.

  • Ep. 3 of 8

    Sasha Colby

    Sasha Colby. From Miss Continental to master stage performer. Her NightGowns number will make you fall in love.

  • Ep. 4 of 8

    Vander Von Odd

    Vander Von Odd brings elegant horror to their performance and casts a spell of queerness everyone will always remember.

  • Ep. 5 of 8

    Neon Calypso

    Neon Calypso is here to tell her story. Let her inner light shine and run towards the stage with a strong new attitude.

  • Ep. 6 of 8


    K. James. The sex symbol of Brooklyn drag. He may be shy offstage, but when he performs, you better watch out.

  • Ep. 7 of 8

    Untitled Queen

    Experience abstract art as drag. Untitled Queen takes the stage and taps into something spiritual and totally unique.

  • Ep. 8 of 8

    Sasha Velour

    From her family at home to her family on stage. Sasha returns to her roots to see where it all started and enjoys the wild celebration it has become.