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Sassy singles. Daring DMs. Real deal breakers. Singled Out is back to help singles navigate the treacherous waters of dating in the digital age. Who will get stuck in the friend zone and who will be singled out? All episodes streaming now.

Cast & Crew

  • Keke Palmer

    Host, Executive Producer

  • Joel Kim Booster

    Co- Host

  • Episodes

  • Ep. 1 of 10

    Tracy and Her Bag of Tricks

    Aspiring comedian Tracy has a thing for PDA. Which contestant will survive this dating dealbreaker?

  • Ep. 2 of 10

    Ian and His Colorful Peacock

    Can Ian find true love? He’ll have to see which of his connections flies coach and isn’t afraid of a little roach.

  • Ep. 3 of 10

    Cameron the Cheerleader Wants a Jock

    Football. Scary movies. Crushed beer cans. If a contestant can score all three, they might have a shot with cheerleader Cameron.

  • Ep. 4 of 10

    Dane the Daredevil

    Comic books are Dane’s life. Which wonder woman will successfully slide into his DMs?

  • Ep. 5 of 10

    Taylor Kween of the Trailer Park

    If you want to impress drag queen Taylor Trash, you’ve got to work your walk. Which of these daters will rule the runway and Taylor’s heart?

  • Ep. 6 of 10

    Hala the Queen from Queens

    What has a green thumb, grooms quickly, and knows how to handle his meat? Answer: The man with a plan for single entrepreneur Hala.

  • Ep. 7 of 10

    Carlos Wants a Co-Pilot

    The way into flight attendant Carlos’ heart? Salads and skinny dipping might be the key.

  • Ep. 8 of 10

    Basit the Boujee Bombshell

    For dance fitness instructor Basit, it’s the little things that matter. Like PDA, cleanliness, and being thirsty. But not too thirsty.

  • Ep. 9 of 10

    Brayan is the Cutest Clown

    Professional clown Brayan needs a girl who knows how to have fun...and make epic balloon animals.

  • Ep. 10 of 10

    Victoria the Vivacious Vixen

    Go-go dancer Victoria needs a lady who can command the stage. Will she choose the girl who wants to pin her down? Or the couple who wants to slide her in-between them?