1 season • TV-MA • Documentary, Culture

This is not a show about sneakers. It’s a show about sneaker culture. Fitting in. And belonging to something bigger than yourself. Best of all? Lena Waithe is in it. All episodes streaming now.

Cast & Crew

  • Lena Waithe

    Herself, Executive Producer

  • Carmelo Anthony

    Basketball Legend (As Himself)

  • Hasan Minhaj

    Comedian (As Himself)

  • Questlove

    Musician - Historian (As Himself)

  • Kerby Jean-Raymond

    Fashion Designer (As Himself)

  • Nas

    Hip-Hop Artist (As Himself)

  • Billie Jean King

    Tennis Legend - Activist

  • Candace Parker

    Basketball Legend (As Herself)

  • Episodes

  • Ep. 1 of 12


    Fashion. Science. Sport. Sneakers embody every aspect of our culture. That’s what gives them so much power.

  • Ep. 2 of 12


    A good look at the GOAT. See how Nike, Michael, and Air Jordans took over the world. And your closet.

  • Ep. 3 of 12

    Hip Hop

    Adidas. Run DMC. And hip-hop. How three little stripes changed the landscape of sneaker culture forever.

  • Ep. 4 of 12

    Black Power, Pt. 1 "A New Wave"

    Lena leans in with Aleali May. How corduroy, black femininity, and a collab with Nike made history.

  • Ep. 5 of 12

    Black Power, Pt. 2 "We Gon' Be Alright"

    Collaborations are the new way. Lena syncs with Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss for a look at the impact of third party brands.

  • Ep. 6 of 12


    Sneaker addiction is real. The feeling. The connection. The link to your identity. Lena explores the psychology behind all the shoes we buy.

  • Ep. 7 of 12


    Jeff Staple’s Nike Pigeon Dunk caused a full-on frenzy. Lena examines how a limited release changed sneaker history.

  • Ep. 8 of 12


    Reselling. It’s all part of the sneaker selling game. Lena examines the insane money-making opportunity behind flipping.

  • Ep. 9 of 12

    The Block

    The Block. A whole new brand of reselling. Lena looks into the people and the hustle behind selling on the streets.

  • Ep. 10 of 12


    Sneaker culture is dominated by men but, Candace Parker, Billie Jean King and Leo Baker, show the time for new voices is now.

  • Ep. 11 of 12


    Jazerai Allen-Lord’s first Reebok collab is about to change her life and Lena mentors her through this emotional experience.

  • Ep. 12 of 12

    Impact / Power of Sneakers

    Sneakers are more than just fashion for our feet. They’re a statement that has the power to make the world a better place.