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1 season • TV-MA • Quirky, Comedy

Jann and Cricket think they have what it takes to become TV’s newest house-flipping couple. Unfortunately, a Mexican drug cartel thinks so too. Now the delusional duo has to survive their newest project — renovating the cartel’s mansions. All episodes streaming now.

Cast & Crew

  • Will Forte

    Jann Melfi

  • Kaitlin Olson

    Cricket Melfi

  • Arturo Castro


  • Eva Longoria


  • Andy Garcia


  • Jerry O'Connell

    Chazz Connelly

  • Rebecca Romijn

    Tiffany Connelly


An Artistic Vision

Ep. 1 of 11

An Artistic Vision

Cricket is fired from a home improvement store. Jann gets the boot from directing a high school play. If ever there was a time to launch their careers as home renovation TV stars, this is it.

Demo Day

Ep. 2 of 11

Demo Day

The Melfis tackle their first home renovation project: a shabby shack in the desert. But there’s something in the walls of this fixer-upper. And it’s big.

The Budget

Ep. 3 of 11

The Budget

When Cricket and Jann blow through the pile of found money to renovate their desert dwelling, an unexpected visitor comes through their shiny new door.

Sizzle Reel

Ep. 4 of 11

Sizzle Reel

When cartel member Diego shows up looking for his missing money, the Melfis hope a red-hot sizzle reel will come to their rescue.

Exploring New Markets

Ep. 5 of 11

Exploring New Markets

Diego makes the Melfis dig their own graves. But will an eleventh-hour moment of renovation inspiration change his mind?

Finding Good Designers

Ep. 6 of 11

Finding Good Designers

Diego is thrilled with Jann and Cricket’s remodeling work. So thrilled, in fact, he decides to pawn them off to his boss, Rumualdo.