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Reno 911!

1 season • TV-MA • Cop Show, Parody

The deputies of the Reno Sheriff's Department are still in the line of duty. And they’re ready to do what it takes to keep this city safe.

Cast & Crew

  • Thomas Lennon

    Lt. Jim Dangle

  • Robert Ben Garant

    Deputy Travis Junior

  • Kerri Kenney-Silver

    Deputy Trudy Wiegel, Jackie the Pickle Throwing Hooker

  • Cedric Yarbrough

    Deputy S. Jones

  • Niecy Nash

    Deputy Raineesha Williams

  • Wendi Mclendon-Covey

    Deputy Clementine Johnson

  • Carlos Alazraqui

    Deputy James Garcia

  • Mary Birdsong

    Deputy Cherisha Kimball

  • Ian Roberts

    Sergeant Jack Declan

  • Joe Lo Truglio

    Deputy Frank Rizzo

  • Shaun Diston

    Hipster Cop Watch Kid 1

  • Ron Funches

    News Producer

  • Eddie Pepitone

    Bernie Impersonator

  • Toby Huss

    Big Mike

  • Jim Rash


  • Patty Guggenheim

    Bachelorette 1

  • Jessica Lowe

    Bachelorette 2

  • Cathy Shim

    Mrs. Junior

  • Paul Walter Hauser

    Jeffy Renee Chisholm

  • Kyle Dunnigan

    Craig Pullin

  • Abigail Garant

    Jiyong Junior

  • Imsuk Shim


  • Tim Allen

    Commander Lance

  • Andy Daly

    Expediting Facility Manager

  • Danny Trejo

    Delivery Assassin

  • Patton Oswalt

    Max Logan

  • Ron Perlman


  • Michael Ian Black

    Captain Schwartz

  • Niecy Nash


  • Sam Rockwell

    Special Thanks


Meet Jeffy

Ep. 1 of 25

Meet Jeffy

A new recruit joins the force. The department responds to a hostage situation where they encounter volunteer officers.

Concealed Carry Fashion Show

Ep. 2 of 25

Concealed Carry Fashion Show

Officers Johnson and Weigel participate in a local event. Meanwhile, the department responds to a disgruntled group of pedestrians.

TT’s Auntie’s Funeral

Ep. 3 of 25

TT’s Auntie’s Funeral

The department engages in a local ceremony. Lieutenant Dangle and Officer Junior detain a suspect on an aircraft.

Let’s Shoot a White Guy, Part 1

Ep. 4 of 25

Let’s Shoot a White Guy, Part 1

The department puts together an action plan in response to a memo. Meanwhile, Officer Johnson inspects a disorderly vehicle.

Let’s Shoot a White Guy, Part 2

Ep. 5 of 25

Let’s Shoot a White Guy, Part 2

Lieutenant Dangle dispatches a task force for a new department initiative. The department enlists the help of a local civilian.

Big Mike’s Rocket Rascal

Ep. 6 of 25

Big Mike’s Rocket Rascal

The deputies respond to a verbally hostile trespassing suspect, enter a burning building, and de-escalate a dangerous situation.