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When the Streetlights Go On

1 season • TV-MA • Drama, Coming of Age

A double-homicide in a small midwestern suburb rattles the lives of a group of teenagers and sends investigators searching for answers in the fall of 1995. A meditation on growing up, the passing of time, and the insidious violence that lurks in the suburbs. All episodes streaming now.

Cast & Crew

  • Chosen Jacobs

    Charlie Chambers

  • Sophie Thatcher

    Becky Monroe

  • Ben Ahlers

    Brad Kirchoff

  • Mark Duplass

    Mr. Carpenter

  • Tony Hale


  • Queen Latifah

    Detective Grasso

  • Kristine Froseth

    Chrissy Monroe

  • Sam Strike

    Casper Tatum

  • David Lewis

    Mr. Jablonski

  • Cameron Bancroft

    Mr. Monroe



Ep. 1 of 10


Teenage student-journalist, Charlie Chambers, pieces together the clues of a vicious double-homicide in the summer of 1995. Friends and loved ones of the deceased struggle to make sense of their new, grief-stricken reality.

Closed Casket

Ep. 2 of 10

Closed Casket

Detective Darlene Grasso begins her investigation into the murders of Chrissy Monroe and Steve Carpenter. Aided by Charlie’s discovery, she zeros in on one suspect, in particular: Brad Kirchoff, Chrissy’s boyfriend.

Wrong Number

Ep. 3 of 10

Wrong Number

Charlie convinces the newspaper editor, Mr. Bouque, to let him write about the murder. A conversation between Charlie and Becky in the woods rekindles their spark of connection. The killer dials Chrissy’s private line.


Ep. 4 of 10


The students of Colfax High partake in the homecoming dance while Detective Grasso interrogates Casper Tatum.

Notes From The Wrong Side of The Tracks

Ep. 5 of 10

Notes From The Wrong Side of The Tracks

Casper finally realizes the identity of his secret crush, Becky Monroe, is the sister of a girl everyone thinks he murdered. A late-night encounter in the newspaper room provides Charlie with the scoop of his young career.

Deodorant & Nicotine

Ep. 6 of 10

Deodorant & Nicotine

After Charlie’s article in the school paper exonerates Casper, an unlikely romance blossoms between the town bad boy and Becky Monroe.